Event Overview

Extremely pleased with our success last year, CenBiz Global Inc. announces the 2nd Annual Global Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Forumin Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai, UAE on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March,2024. In a rapidly evolving world of technological advancement, the costs of missing the bus could be critical in determining who stays in the game and who doesn’t – a few years down the line.

The 2nd Annual Global Smart Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 Forum will build on the exceptional response from last year and promises to engage attendees in thought-provoking learning sessions, workshops, and site tours – all aimed at ensuring the optimization of business processes while being environmentally responsible and smart, with an eye on the future of industrial manufacturing.

Innovation Partners

Past Attendees

Opening Keynote Speakers

Tariq Al Hashmi

Director of Technology Adoption & Development
Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology – UAE

Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem

Director Digital Transformation,
Cyber Security & AI
Government of Abu Dhabi

Distinguished Speakers & Panelists

Jesper Toubol

Vice President Operations
LEGO Group

Adrian Blanck

Chief Digitalization Officer
Saudi Aramco Base Oils

Jagdish Ramaswamy

Advisor & Ex-President & Chief Digital Officer Hindalco Industries – Aditya Birla Group

Shady El Safty

Senior Director of Regional Operations NWTN Motor

Giovanni Pacini

Global Manufacturing Excellence & Digital Operations Transformation Director – Danone

Saad I.Al-Kowaiz

Operational Excellence Executive Advisor

Herve Charles

Sr. Director Smart Manufacturing
NXP Semiconductors

Suresh Daniel

Data & Architecture Integration Director
Coats Plc

Dr. Oliver Elbracht

Managing Director

Siemens Advanta

Mohamad Fayez Monir

Head of Third Party Manufacturing Boehringer Ingelheim

Monica Hernandez Alarcon

HR Director for Africa and Middle East
General Motors

Tamer Hamed

Chief Information Officer
Dubai Cable Company

Dr. Antonio Feraco

Senior Advisor Industrial Strategy
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development

Exclusive Half-Day Workshop Day 2

Building your own Green—Digital. Lean. Factory.

Workshop Overview

This insightful half-day workshop is curated to boost your company’s performance and efficiency, both on the shop floor and beyond. No matter what industry you’re in, the pressure is on to embrace new digital technologies. The Green—Digital. Lean. Factory is the way forward, and it’s already here. If you’ve been holding back because of worries about cost or confusion, this workshop is your solution.

Led by expert Mr. Joachim Hensch, this half-day workshop is designed for companies aiming to thrive in the future through digital excellence. Learn the tools and mindset of Industry 4.0, and discover how to formulate your digital strategy. Don’t go it alone – find top-level support for your journey to excellence.

Workshop Outline

  • The Digital Transformation – what is this and why do we need to care?
  • Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 – from Technology towards Humancentric growth
  • The Digital Twin Concept – how it changes the way you manage a people-heavy industry
  • M3P – People, Processes, Products, Machines – all connected and talking to each other
  • The next SpaceX? Nope, just using technology smart and easy…and productive
  • Leadership 4.0 – Leaders care about people who care about numbers
  • The Orbit – making a plan that makes sense in time and content
  • Re-Imagining Production Visibility to Improve Performance for the Entire Production Network
Joachim Hensch

Chief Transition Office I Mentor I Coach 
JH Consulting – Germany
Ex-Managing Director I HUGO BOSS

Joachim Hensch, the Industry 4.0 Guru­­— renowned for transforming regular factories into smart, connected hubs. With over 60 years of combined experience, he guides manufacturers to enhance their operations. The workshop provides practical insights and a roadmap for building a Green—Digital. Lean. Factory. of the future.

This interactive workshop offers a roadmap for growth in today’s market, providing manufacturing leaders with the knowledge they need to thrive in the world of innovation. Embrace the opportunity to excel with the industry’s finest!

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Glimpse from Past Events


It was a real pleasure for me to participate & I encourage you to continue working to support the change of our industry.

Jeanologia Asia Division Director

It was pleasure participating in the conference and really enjoyed the conversation and lots of questions indeed.

Birla Cellulose , Aditya Birla Group Chief Sustainability Officer

We participate your last circular textile & sustainability forum, we gather knowledge from this forum it was interesting.

Auko-Tex Group Corporate Sustainability Head

I also enjoyed listening to the other speakers and I hope that I could deliver some new thoughts for the attendees.

Joachim Hensch Consulting Chief Transition Officer

Please allow me to pay my gratitude for having me such a great platform of learning. It was indeed a great session.

Soorty Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. Chief Operating Officer & Head of Sustainability - GMT

We would love to participate in future events and trainings physically as well. Of course if the situation gets improved.

Agha Khan Foundation - Development Network Project Manager - Sustainability